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Prospective Undergraduate Students

Courses of Study

Biochemical Engineering Major
Chemical Engineering Major
Materials Science & Engineering Major
Materials Science Minor

Prospective Freshmen Students

For further information on how to apply online follow the link to the Undergraduate Admissions website.


Advising Information/Tips:  Please see the UC Davis Admissions website for the most up to date information on application status.


Prospective Transfer Students

Advising Information/Tips:

Make sure to take at least two semesters of Calculus, and Linear Algebra at your community college. Use to make sure your course work articulates to MAT 21A, MAT 21B, MAT 21C, MAT 21D, MAT 22A, and MAT 22B, PHY 9A, PHY 9B, PHY 9C, CHE 2A, and either ENL 3 or UWP 1 at UC Davis.

Incoming Transfer students should consider taking ECM 6 during Summer Session prior to the beginning of Fall Quarter, as it gives you a jumpstart in beginning your Engineering coursework and allows for an easier transition to campus and Davis in general.

Contact with any questions!

The Undergraduate Admissions website for Transfer Students will have complete and up to date information on the transfer process and requirements.


Eugenia Luu
Student Affairs Officer
(530) 752-2504  |  3005 Ghausi

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