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Sabyasachi Sen
Race Track Memory Figures
ECH 98 Students
Congratulations to CHMS Professor Sabyasachi Sen on his work being published in the journal Science

Research in the lab of CHMS Professor Sabyasachi Sen has used solid state NMR to for the first time capture data on atoms in borosilicate glass flipping from one structure to another as it is placed under high pressure. The work, performed with graduate student Trenton Edwards of CHMS, may have far-reaching implications for understanding a wide range of stress-induced phenomena in amorphous materials.

SRC and UCD Researchers develop next-generation "Race Track Memory" technologies

University of California, Davis researchers, sponsored by Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC), are currently exploring new materials and device structures to develop next-generation memory technologies. UC Davis' Takamura Research Group has been conducting research which involves leveraging complex oxides to manipulate magnetic domain walls within the wires of semiconductor memory devices at nanoscale dimensions.

Recent work by Professor Bruce Gates Appears in Nature Nanotechnology

Recent work from the lab of Professor Bruce Gates appears in Nature Nanotechnology, one of the premier journals in its field. The research presents the Gates' lab development of new nanosensitive selective catalysts. In the same issue, Gates' research is discussed in a "New & Views" feature that highlights the significance of the work in its ability to program the electronic environment of active sites on metal surfaces, and indicates the significance for development of synthetic catalysts in which activity and selectivity can be carefully controlled.

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