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lavernia and gibeling and navrotsky
Cori and Hillary
Chem-E-Car team
Congratulations to CHMS Deans!

Not one, not two, but three Deans from a single Department! As we close the academic year, we recognize the service to the campus of three CHMS faculty: Dean Enrique Lavernia, College of Engineering; Dean Jeff Gibeling, Graduate Studies; and Interim Dean Alex Navrotsky of MPS. Dean Lavernia and Dean Gibeling conclude their terms on June 30; we congratulation Dean Lavernia on his new appointment as Provost of UC Irvine!

CHMS Outstanding Seniors Award

Congratulations to Hilary Chan, Benjamin MacDonald, and Cori Satkowski, who each won the CHMS Outstanding Seniors Award! Hilary won the award for Biochemical Engineering, Benjamin for Materials Science, and Cori for Chemical Engineering.

CHMS Chem-E-Car Team Takes First Place

Congratulations to our AIChE Chem-E-Car team, which placed first in the Western Regional Meeting. This automatically qualifies the team to move forward to compete at the National AIChE Meeting in November. Chem-E-Car is an annual competition that challenges college students to design and build a car powered by a chemical energy source. Click here for more information and photos.

Class of 2011 Class of 1976

CHMS Alumni: Stay in touch with us via our Alumni Facebook page! View class photos and rosters here, and relive our CHMS 50th Reunion here, where you can download many priceless photos of CHMS events over the decades.

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