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Safety in CHMS

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The Department of Chemical Engineering & Materials Science is dedicated to maximizing the safety of all students and employees. On this page please find forms and information related to laboratory safety within the Department. For any safety related issues or questions, please don't hesitate to contact:

In addition, each faculty research group has one member who serves as Laboratory Safety Coordinator for that group.

Safety Training

All faculty, students and employees within the department are required to take the following safety training:

In addition, all students and employees working in experimental laboratories are required to take the following before being granted unescorted access to the laboratory.

A Laboratory Orientation and Key Authorization Form must by signed by your Professor (PI) for you to receive a key and/or access code to the lab. Furthermore, your Lab Safety Coordinator will inform you of any additional safety training or standard operating procedures that are required specifically for your lab. All training designated as required for your lab must be completed before you are allowed to work unsupervised in the laboratory.

Safety Records

Every lab is required to maintain up-to-date records of the following:

Moreover, the department strongly recommends that the Lab Safety Coordinator periodically perform a "self-audit" of their laboratory, using the CUPA checklist:

Another useful self-inspection form is the:

Audits can also be performed on request by Bill Doering; please contact him to set up an appointment.